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- The Organisation
- Core Values
- Vision
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· Become a globally networked enterprise seizing opportunities worldwide to generate USD 250 million annual volumes by 2021.
· Achieved aggressive and profitable growth of our core business and initiated new businesses
· Become a cohesive, integrated and synergized global entity providing horizontal and vertical reach and infrastructure to all our partners worldwide
· Consistently achieved customer delight by focusing on value adding activities throughout our value chain
· Achieved best partner status with all the companies in national & international business on a sustained basis
· A strong global supply base for world class goods and services
· Become a learning and knowledge rich organization acknowledged as thought leaders in international business
· Institutionalized Excellence Model and achieved best in class status
· Effective and responsive systems and processes that will underpin our business decisions to manage risks
· Become an exciting organization which attracts and retains best talent worldwide for global competitiveness
· Become a proactive, integral and responsible member of our environment and communities
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