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Petroleum products are useful materials derived from crude oil (petroleum) as it is processed in oil refineries.
According to crude oil composition and demand, refineries can produce different shares of petroleum products. Largest share of oil products is used as energy carriers: various grades of fuel oil and gasoline. Refineries also produce other chemicals, some of which are used in chemical processes to produce plastics and other useful materials. Since petroleum often contains a couple of percent sulfur, large quantities of sulfur are also often produced as a petroleum product. Hydrogen and carbon in the form of petroleum coke may also be produced as petroleum products. The hydrogen produced is often used as an intermediate product for other oil refinery processes such as hydrogen catalytic cracking (hydrocracking) and hydrodesulfurization

Rubber Processing Oil has predominant number of saturated hydrocarbons. It has low solvency powder (the high aniline point), excellent resistance to oxidation & color stability by heat & ultraviolet.

Applications: RUBBER PROCESSING OIL is suitable for different types of rubber (both natural & synthetic) requiring good low-temperature flexibility, non-staining, color stability and low heat-buildup properties.

Benefits: Improves the process ability of rubber during mixing, milling & extruding by reducing its viscosity, yet retaining the desirable physical properties of the high molecular weight polymer.

Presence of oil also permits the incorporation of dry compounding ingredients into finished rubber articles. Modify the physical properties of the vulcanizate.

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Paraffin is a common name for a group of alkane hydrocarbons. It is distinct from the fuel known in Britain as paraffin oil or just paraffin. The solid forms of paraffin are called paraffin wax. Paraffin is also a technical name for an alkane in general, but in most cases it refers specifically to a linear or normal alkane, while branched, or isoalkane are also called isoparaffins.

   USES: Candle & decorative candle/Wax wr5apping paper/Raw material for shoe polish, polish, etc. /for batik producers/to make matches.

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Slack wax is a mixture of oil & wax, obtained from lubricating oil. Slack wax is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. It serves as feedstock and that is further and blended to create value added petroleum wax products.
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